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When fascia releases it can feel like a softening of the area, like taffy stretching or butter melting. It may be subtle or quite noticeable. Sometimes, there can initially be discomfort that goes away as the fascia releases. You may also notice other sensations such as cold or heat, vibrating or pulsing, or a sense of water or air moving through the area.


Many people notice a difference in how their body feels after a session. Most report more lightness or space where it was once tight. Many feel more balanced from one side to the other and have an overall feeling relaxation and/or increased energy.

  • Please be prepared to be an active participant in your session.  Your engagement in the session and willingness to focus on what you are sensing in your body will enhance your healing potential.

  • Please bring or wear a pair of shorts and a sports bra or two piece swimming suit to allow for direct to your skin.

  • Please do not wear leggings or tight and/or restrictive clothing.

  • Please avoid applying body lotion or oil prior to the treatment.

  • Please do not apply perfume or cologne prior to the treatment.

  • Please drink extra water prior to and following your treatment.

  • Please eat a light snack if you are hungry and take care of all other needs prior to your session.


24-hour advance notification is required to cancel or reschedule appointments. If less than 24-hours notice is given, the client will be held accountable for the full amount of the service. 

Payment is required at the time services are rendered.

Please be on-time. Late arrivals will result in abbreviated treatment time.

New Patients are encouraged to print, complete, and bring the intake form their first visit. 

Black Hills Myofascial Release reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason.

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